You've written the songs. You've recorded and re-recorded them. You've mastered recording and computer equipment and software, and you hold in your hands your very own CD. It was a lot of work, and now the hard part is done. Now you need to reach people who would like to hear your music.

How? It's easy! Sell your CD with us at Cannonball Distributing! Our goal is simple: We want to help you, the independent musician, sell your music. Not just locally in your area, but globally. Worldwide.

With us, you will reach people who would otherwise never hear of you, much less have a way to purchase your CD. We are your marketing/distribution answer. Music fans from around the world will be able to find out information on you, the artist, listen to clips from your CD (You choose the clips). When they are blown away with your latest-greatest song, they will have the opportunity to purchase your CD. It's easy and inexpensive!


Yes! I want to Sell my CD with Cannonball Distribution.
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 Introductory Special NOW $15 (Reg $25) 

You will need to fill out all forms and upload your artwork at (200 pixels X 200 pixels 72 DPI .jpg) and upload your MP3 music Files.You Say I Never made a MP3.

WE can help!

We give you a step by step directions on how to make MP3's for our site and a link were you can download a free player and CD Ripper to make your song clips easily

Want us to Scan your Artwork
having us scan and place your artwork on our site  add $5

Want us to make your MP3's

Having us make your MP3 music files add $5 will make 3 MP3's  of your choosing and upload them to your account,extras $1.50 each



What We Need From You

We will need you to send us 5 CDs 4 for sale (with payment if you did not pay on line) and one for our database

Please send us a copy of the email that we sent you with your payment information this will have all of the information we need to Verify your account.This will help our account department greatly to expedite your paper work.


If you had made payment on line your CD should already been made available for the visitor to view your page