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How Do I Purchase CDs From Cannonball Distributing?

What Are My Payment Options?

What Are My Shipping options?

Shipping Costs

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What Is your Returns/Refund Policy?


How Do I Sell My Music With Cannonball Distributing?

How Do I Make a MP3 to  Upload to Cannonball Distributing?

What are the costs for selling my CD  on Cannonball Distributing?

Our Cut

How Do I Contact Cannonball Distributing ?



How Do I Sell My Music With Cannonball Distributing?

Click on this link and follow the directions



How do I purchase CD‘s From Cannonball Distributing?

After you have found the title you wish to purchase click on details. Once you have double checked that this is the correct title just click on the Add To Cart Button. If you wish to do more shopping just click on Click Here to Continue Shopping. If you are done just click on Send Order and fill out the information needed to process your order (Name Address, Payment information Etc.) When done click on Send Order Now. Confirm your information and you are done placing your order.

What are my payment options?

We accept the following Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard and Discover as well as Money Orders, Certified Checks, International Money Orders, Cash and Paypal are also payment options.
To use any one of these payment options please place your order thru the website and just check the option you require.
Customer Service can be reached by calling 1-952-361-6683 or an E-mail to

What are my shipping options?

When you purchase a Cd from us, we will process and ship your order within 24 hours. Orders placed Saturday or Sunday will be filled and shipped on the following Monday.
Orders placed over a Holiday will be processed the following business day.
Domestic and International orders are shipped via USPS Media Mail.

Shipping costs
Domestic--- First unit is $3.10 Each additional unit is $.95 per.
International- First unit is $6.44 Each additional unit is $.95 per.


Credit Card Security Information Statement:

This website takes every precaution to protect our users’ information.
Your information is encrypted by the best encryption software in the industry - SSL.
All transactions are preformed by Group 2000 L.L.C, this will show up on your conformation emails from us. Cannonball Distributing is committed to protecting your privacy. We use the information we collect on the site to make shopping at our store possible and to enhance your overall shopping experience. We do not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others


Returns and Refund Policy

Please call 1-952-361-6683 or E-mail us at for these policies.



Contact information
Snail Mail:
Cannonball Distributing
337 Lake Hazeltine Dr.
Chaska Mn, 55318,Usa

   (If you have questions  or Report Site Problems)           

Phone:   (952)-361-6683
Fax:      (952)-361- 6684



These directions tell you exactly what you have to do to make your MP3 songs for this website.

Click on this link
Create your own CDs! Click Here!

Click on the link "GET BASIC"  It's Free .  Here you will be asked to save the program (remember the file location you saved it to so you don't have to spend time looking for it later) or just click on open so it starts to install on your computer right away.

After you have downloaded and installed musicmatch jukebox, open it.
Click on options at the top of the screen then click on “Settings”
Click on “Recorder”
Look for “Recording Quality”. (Left-top) Here is where you will be able to put the Recording format and the rate your song will be played at.

Please use recording format “MP3PRO” and “Superior FM radio quality (40 kbps)” after this go to “Recording source” (bottom-left)

"RECORDING SOURCE" this shows you what cd drives are on your computer, pick the drive you want to record from

Next go to MAKE TRACKS CLIPS (right-mid)“ Make Tracks Clips” click enable, set the “Start at" to 0 sec and "Length" to 120 sec
This will make the song clip 2 minutes.

Set the “CD Recording Mode” to digital.

Now click on “Tracks Directory”. (this is almost at the top of the page. It is just above Advanced and Delayed Record, neither of which will be used for this setup).
Go to "Name Track File Using:" there are multiple boxes some of them are repeated in different order, pick “Album, Artist, Track Number and Track Name" this will make the name of the file you will upload later.
If you look down you will see "Sample Path", this is where the file will be on your hard drive. The path and the name of the file should say Album-Artist-TrackNumber-TrackName this will let you know if you picked the right boxes under "Name Track File using:" Once you have this done click "OK"
Now you see the settings box. Click "OK". Now we are ready to record your songs.

What you have setup is the format, rate and length we want your Mp3 File to be formatted at.

Open your cd drive and insert a cd in the drive then close it. A screen will open: "CD Lookup-Advanced Search". Enter the information. Click search if your cd is not listed it will show it with information about the cd. If not, click the not found button, now go to the logo in the top left corner right below it “MUSIC CENTER” click RIP CD a window will open with the word "Recorder" in the top left corner. Click on the red button a box will open up “Information for deferred CD Lookup" enter your artist and album information click "OK" then click red button and viola it has been recorded...

Please let me know if this has helped or not or something doesn't make sense to you so I can tweak the directions

Thank You
The Tech Department

If you would like to download the directions click on one of links below.

MP3 directions word Doc
MP3 directions PDF


If you need more help, the program has it‘s own help files too.or Email us at


What are the costs for selling my CD  on Cannonball Distributing?


 Introductory Special NOW $15 (Reg $25) 

You need to file out all forms and upload artwork at (200 pixels X 200 pixels 72 DPI .jpg) and upload your MP3 music Files.You Say I Never made a MP3.

WE can help!

We give you step by step directions on how to make MP3's for our site and a link were you can download a free player and CD Ripper to make your song clips easily


Want us to Scan your Artwork
having us scan and place your artwork on our site  add $5

Want us to make your MP3's

Having us make your MP3 music files add $5 will make 3 MP3's  of your choosing and upload them to your account,extras $1.50 each

Have More Than 1 CD and you will upload everything. E-mail us how many Cds you have and with some info about yourself  or your record label and we will contact you with details and pricing

Our Cut

When your CD sells we collect the money for you  and out of the total sale we keep $4.00 from the sale of your cd and send you the rest