Music Distributor located in
Chanhassen, Minnesota.

We always wanted to offer more music from Independent Labels and music that is
self-released by the artist. With the rapid advancements in home recording
technology, many artist are choosing to release their CDs without the aid
of traditional Record labels. They still need to get their CDs to people
who might not be able to see them live, or might not have even heard of the
artist before. So we recently developed Cannonball Distribution for just
this Purpose.

This site offers music and artists that you, the consumer, may not have
heard of previously. It is also a great place to discover New artists in
all genres of music from around the globe. We also offer a way for music
lovers to preview music BEFORE they purchase it.

We also offer ARTISTS a non traditional way to SELF DISTRIBUTE their music
to consumers without having to deal with a Record Label, Bad Distribution
deals, or any other number of obstacles an artist usually faces when trying
to get their music into the hands of the CD buying public.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_fhs5c5zuY